Aktuelles aus dem Forschungsschwerpunkt

September 21, 2016 / by MMI Team

MMI-Studierende erneut an der CHI-PLAY

Wir sind erfreut, dass unsere Masterstudierende und Doktorandinnen an der diesjährigen CHI-Play mit 3 Works-In-Progress, einem Workshop-Paper und einem Position-Paper vertreten sind:


Endress, S., Mekler, E. D. & Opwis, K. It’s Like I Would Die as Well”: Gratifications of Fearful Game Experience

Forde, S. F., Mekler, E. D. & Opwis, K. Informational, but not Intrinsically Motivating Gamification? Preliminary Findings

Steinemann, S. T., Mekler, E. D. & Opwis, K. The Winner Gives It All? Preliminary Results on The Role of Game Outcome on the Effectiveness of a Game for Change

Workshop Paper:

Mekler, E. D., Rank, S., Steinemann, S. T., Birk, M., & Iacovides, I. Designing for Emotional Complexity in Games: The Interplay of Positive and Negative Affect

Workshop-Position Paper:

Bopp, J. A. Crying Games: Let Players Break into Tears