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There are a variety of methods for systematically promoting the conception and evaluation of human-computer interaction. Below are a number of options that can be performed here at the Institute of Psychology. Of course, additional project-specific methods can also be used. To get an overview of our facilities you can read about our laboratories and equipment. Depending on your wishes, we can recruit the participants from our own Participant Database.


The method of usability testing is used for already funktioning applications (i.e. prototypes, betaversions or applications which are already in use), this is done with the help of the target group. The users utilise a guide to complete a predefine set of exercises. The goal is to spot potential mistakes and problem areas within applications, enabling designers and developers to fix them. The testing is usually recorded which is used as the data for the analysis. Additionally the eyemovements can be recorded and analysed via eytracking.

Online Surveys

The collection of users' needs as well as experiences via an online survey can often be very useful for the development of an application. These online surveys can be designed, implemented and evaluated by us.

An example of an online survey designed by us is the Intranet Satisfaction Questionnaire (ISQ) , which measures the satisfaction of the intranet at your company.

Eye Tracking

With the help of an eye tracker, it is possible to record the eye movements and their length of stay in certain places of the interface. The eyetracker we use works almost imperceptibly (non-invasively) because it is built into the screen and does not need to be attached to the user. The data obtained can be used as a measure for various types of analysis.

User & Task Analysis

The needs and requirements of the target group can be collected and understood based on a "User Task Analysis", also concrete development opportunities can be identified. End users or potential customers are questioned in interviews and possibly observed during interaction with the products. The main focus is on the working environment, expectations, needs and work processes. The means for this are semi-structured interviews (also called guide interviews), which can also be extended with video recordings.

Persona and Scenario

Personas are fictional characters created through research to represent different types of users who may use your product, service or website. Creating personas can help understand the needs, experiences, behaviors, and goals of users. Scenarios are fictional processes in which personas interact, this helps to understand and describe the user context.

(Big) Data Analysis

In our research and service projects, we deal daily with quantitative data and have a lot of experience in the field of statistical analysis. In addition to classic group comparisons in experiments or A / B testing, we can also prepare and integrate data from a variety of sources to develop a comprehensive understanding of user experience and behavior. Unstructured data can also be used to develop models of user experience and behavior using data mining and machine learning, leading to new insights for development.


This method makes it possible to develop and test user interfaces and guides "on paper". For this purpose, a so-called wireframe prototype is created and tested together with end users. The results thus obtained are used for improvement between the tests, which are then retested with other users ("iterative cycle"). Normally, 2-4 iterations of 3-4 users are enough. The method provides good results because the concept is based on user feedback rather than speculative assumptions. This ensures that the implemented prototype works the first time and that defects do not need to be corrected in retrospect.

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