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User Experience

In this project, we are researching the so-called User Experience or UX for short. UX is a concept that encompasses everything that plays a role in an interaction between a person and an interactive product (e.g., a website, an app). Since current UX research does not have a conclusive answer to what contributes to this UX, we investigate which aspects are relevant to the users’ experience. In addition, we explore what influence different aspects of UX have on each other and the overall UX. For instance, past work at our research group has looked at what role aesthetics or usability have for UX (Tuch et al., 2012). Furthermore, the question of how to best study and measure UX is heavily debated. We, therefore, use state-of-the-art psychometric methods to create new survey scales to measure user experience or sub-aspects of UX objectively, reliably, and validly. Examples include the User Motivation Inventory (Brühlmann et al., 2018), the User Interface Language Quality Survey (Bargas-Avila & Brühlmann, 2016), and the TrustDiff (Brühlmann et al., 2020). In addition, we investigate the psychometric quality of existing survey scales that are commonly used in research to study UX.

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Conference Proceedings

  • Brühlmann, F., Vollenwyder, B., Opwis, K., & Mekler, E. D. (2018). Measuring the "Why" of Interaction: Development and Validation of the User Motivation Inventory (UMI). Proceedings of the 2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 106:1–106:13.

Journal Articles

  • Brühlmann, F., Petralito, S., Rieser, D. C., Aeschbach, L. F., & Opwis, K. (2020). TrustDiff: Development and Validation of a Semantic Differential for User Trust on the Web. Journal of Usability Studies, 16(1), 29–48.
  • Bargas-Avila, J. A., & Brühlmann, F. (2016). Measuring user rated language quality: Development and validation of the user interface Language Quality Survey (LQS). International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 86, 1–10.
  • Tuch, A. N., Roth, S. P., Hornbaek, K., Opwis, K., & Bargas-Avila, J. A. (2012). Is beautiful really usable? Toward understanding the relation between usability, aesthetics, and affect in HCI. Computers in Human Behavior, 28(5), 1596–1607.